University Logo Nail Wraps

For those with school pride who also love nail art, University Nail Pax has just launched a site that creates nail foils custom-designed with your school's logo. Private schools, state universities, and military academies alike, there is already a full range of themed nail adhesives available that students, upcoming graduates, alumni, family members or fans can enjoy.

University Nail Pax currently has 34 school designs, but is looking to triple that amount in the next six months. If your school is not yet on the list, and you'd like it to have priority before football season, simply the use "Suggest a School" tab to let know that there is a demand for your university's print!

So far, each nail wrap design features the school's logo on the thumbnail and a smaller patterned version on the rest of the digits. Each set includes a nail file and 32 individual nail wraps, so you can get more than one use out of each pack.  Unlike other custom nail wraps, which can be pretty pricey, these are actually only $12, so even starving college students have access to these "spirit fingers."

Find your school's custom nail art at

[Image: University Nail Pax]