Karie's Tips: Holiday Blogging For a Cause

When Leslie from Work/Play/Polish invited me to be a part of her holiday blogging for a cause for Polished Girlz, I was on board 100%. Check out the holiday nail art and give back! Some people just warm my heart. One of them is Leslie Henry, from Work/Play/Polish. See, this holiday season she decided to give back by inviting a bunch of esteemed bloggers (including me!) to create festive nail art, which she would post on her site. For each post, she’s donating $10 to Polished Girlz. What’s Polished Girlz? It was started by the most go-getter 10-year-old (now in her teens) out there, Alanna Wall, who believed that bringing a little nail art to kids with special needs or frequent hospitalizations would raise their spirits. (PS: It does!) Not only that, Polished Girlz teaches girls the importance of hand washing so that they can keep the infection rate down. All in all: It’s pretty darn amazing. Polished Girlz is always accepting volunteers as well as bottles of polish, so please do visit them and see how you can get involved.So, as I mentioned, Leslie invited me to be a part of this Blogging for a Cause, and here is my holiday nail art contribution to Work/Play/Polish. It’s a spin on candy cane nail art, derived from a vintage candy cane poster I came across. I gave it a little bit of an edgy twist by painting my base black. Please give it a read here and check out the amazing work of Work/Play/Polish blogger Leslie while you’re at it!  —Karie L. Frost[Images courtesy of Karie L. Frost/Visit the original post at Fear No Beauty.]

Bloggers You Should Know: Stefanie Deming of Fairly Charming

We got the chance to catch up with blogger and nail artist Stefanie Deming of Fairly Charming, who is also the creative contributor of our Ice Cream Nail Tutorial. Find out how she began doing nail art, as well as her preferred tools and polishes!Nail It!: What got you into nail art?Stefanie: My husband did, actually! We were saving up for our wedding and he cut trips to the nail salon out of my budget. I was pretty heartbroken about it, but it meant saving an extra $80 a month, so I searched for alternatives. I started poking around online and discovered the nail blogging world. I was immediately drawn to all of the amazing colors and designs that I saw and wanted to try them for myself. What started DIY pampering has turned into a creative outlet that I absolutely love.What is your absolute favorite color of polish?Coral, coral and more coral. If I see a shade of coral polish that I do not own, I justify buying it by telling myself, “It's a little lighter than that other coral you just bought. You have to have it!!”How many different polishes do you own?I’m actually in the middle of updating my list, but I think I currently have about 400. I know that sounds like a crazy amount, but I swear, they just pile up so easily!Which celebrity’s nails would you jump at the chance to design? What would you put on his/her nails?Zooey Deschanel. I would give up my fifth-born child for the opportunity to paint her nails (considering we haven’t started making a family yet, I’ll be waiting awhile…). I would want her to come up with something off the wall to challenge me with. She just seems like she would be so much fun to work with!What’s your favorite nail art you’ve done? What inspired you to try it?I recently was a part of a nail collaboration on Instagram where the theme was rainbow. We were given a lot of artistic freedom; as long as it was rainbowy, it was allowed. I was going to just do a cutesy rainbow with clouds but then I thought it would be so cool to fit all of the colors onto one nail. After I did my ring finger, I just went for it and did all of my nails. It took a lot of time but it was worth it!When did you realize your blog was a success?You know, I’m still not really sure that it’s a “success” according to industry standards. I mean, I still have so much learning and improving that I can do as a beauty blogger. But I have some of the most supportive and wonderful followers a girl could ask for. I’ve had the pleasure of doing a few product reviews for nail art suppliers. I’ve also had the absolute honor of working with Nail it! Magazine. All of these things are a success in my book.What was your most recent impulse buy?Oh gosh. It’s funny that this question came up because it was just pointed out to me how susceptible I am to impulse buying. I went to Forever 21 the other day to buy a new cardigan. I left with the cardigan, a simple black dress, two bottles of polish, a nail stud wheel, body lotion, a set of tweezers, and a pack of make up removing sheets. I’m a really bad impulse buyer!Do you work in fashion outside of your blog?I am actually the director of a child care program at a private school. My job is so rewarding. Also, because I do crafty type things with the kiddos, I’ve constantly got my creative juices flowing.What else would you be doing if you didn’t have the blog?Well, on top of my job and my blog, I direct two children's choirs and perform in two choirs of my own. If I didn’t have the blog, I’d probably devote a lot more time to my music. Or….I’d sleep a lot more.What is your favorite beauty tool?The dotting tool. I have had to refrain from doing polka dot manis 20 times a month. I love, love, love polka dots! In general, I feel like dotting tools are a very useful thing for a nail enthusiast to have!Visit Stefanie's Blog, Fairly CharmingLike her on Facebook: her on Instagram: @fairlycharmingFollow her on Bloglovin':[Images: Stefanie Deming]

Bloggers You Should Know: Shelly Ackerman

We gaped in awe when we first happened upon Sassy Shelly's OPI Neon Splatter nails. After taking a look at a few of her other designs and her admirable taste in nail polish, we knew we wanted a closer look behind the workings of this blog. So, we asked the Sassy Shelly herself -- Shelly Ackerman -- a few things about what it's like to be in her shoes.  Nail It! What got you into nail art?Shelly: I only got into nails and polish around 2 years ago. I am a stay at home mom and after I had my daughter I was sort of in a rut - spending no time making myself look or feel pretty.  I found that nails were something I could do to feel girly, cute, and good about myself again. And it’s a great way to enjoy “me time.”What is your absolute favorite color of polish?Good question! Really, it changes from day to day. Right now it’s purple. How many different polishes do you own?Around 900 I think, give or take… A girl can never have enough. I think I’m just as addicted to buying them as I am wearing them.What’s your favorite nail trend?I am crazy for textured polish! Before I tried it I thought "meh..," but once I put on one of the Zoya PixieDust polishes I fell in love with how they feel and the way they sparkle. That is one trend I hope never dies because I could wear them forever.What’s your favorite beauty trend?Bright eye makeup! I’m still wearing neutral colored shadows because I haven't found the courage to go as bold as I’d like to yet, but I’m getting a little braver every day. I love the way it looks on other people, though.Besides polish, what is your favorite beauty product?Well cuticle oil is my #1 must-have item but that’s not really a “beauty” product. So I’ll say BB Cream – that stuff is awesome!What is your favorite beauty tool?The one tool I can’t live without is my crystal nail file. Everybody needs one! When I used an emery board, my nails were constantly peeling and breaking but since making the switch to glass files I haven't had a single split.Which celebrity’s nails would you jump at the chance to design? Definitely Tori Amos!  She is my number one favorite singer/songwriter and an amazingly talented artist.What would you put on her nails?I would love to see her with an outrageously sparkly glitter gradient twinkling on her fingertips as she played the piano.Do you work in fashion outside of your blog?I wish! Unless picking out the cutest outfit of the day, pigtails, and bows for my toddler counts as fashion!What’s your favorite nail art you've done? What inspired you to try it?I don’t know that it’s my favorite, per se, but I have to mention the most special nail art I’ve done. It was my first attempt at a camouflage mani and I created it to wear to my husband’s deployment ceremony when he left for Afghanistan. A lot of planning went into it, I spent months beforehand buying up every olive, tan and khaki green polish could find. I think what made it so special for me was also that it was the first time he actually said that he liked one of my nail art designs. When did you realize your blog was a success?When I was contacted to do an interview with Nail It! Magazine of course! Mind Blown! This is such a huge honor for me and a major step in the right direction for my blogging career. I am beyond thrilled and so very grateful to be featured. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll even make it to the paper magazine. See Shelly's Blog: Sassy Shelly Like her on Facebook: out her Instagram: @sassyshelly129Follow her on Twitter: @SassyShelly129Repin her on Pinterest:[Courtesy of Shelly Ackerman]

Beauty Insiders Offer Tips at BeautyCon

Beauty enthusiasts gathered to share their love for beauty at Siren Studios on August 24 in Hollywood, CA at BeautyCon 2013. From celebrity beauty gurus to YouTube personalities, insiders offered tips and inspired one another. Over 25 brands offered visitors to BeautyCon an interactive experience. The event was clearly the place to be on Saturday, as evidenced by the 3 block long line of beauty fans hoping to attend. Some guests admitted that they had been waiting in line for 4 hours! [Image courtesy of Pivotal PR]We caught up with nail artist Natalie Minerva to check out her Scratch nail art collection which features colors that will help you transition right into fall!  Of course, we couldn't help but admire the amazing nail designs Natalie was rocking by Britney Tokyo.Panelists including Kelly Osbourne offered fashion and beauty advice. The speaker sessions offered guests the unique opportunity to ask questions to their style idols.[Image courtesy of Pivotal PR]The night ended with the NYX Face Awards where 6 talented up-and-coming beauty vloggers competed for the title of National Beauty Vlogger of the Year. The winner, Missy Lynn aka start2finishmua, is a 23 year old vlogger and Active Duty member of the United States Air Force. Her dark and mysterious "Goddess of the Night" makeup look earned her the title and $25,000 prize![Image courtesy of Bollare]

Bloggers You Should Know: Robin Moses

Today we hear from the one and only Robin Moses, nail technician and Youtube blogger. She is a veteran in the business, and what she has to share about her experience is moving. Read her wise words on the nail art business, making women feel beautiful, and our loss of Talia Castellano.Nail It!: How long have you been doing nail art?Robin: I have been doing nail art for about 25 years now, the time flies!What about it first interested you?Nails found me accidentally. I went to take a tour of a cosmetology school (having never worn nails) and saw a woman doing a nail art class in the back. I thought to myself: "I can do that!" I had been on a bad path and saw it as a way out. But I found that nail art was harder than it looked.What was the hardest part about getting to where you are today?People hating. Since starting in this business, there are few people who will give you insurance, a pension, medical leave for having a baby, etc. There are also the people that instantly dislike you when they think you are going to "steal" their clients. This has happened to me in every shop I worked at. They did this until they found out I was way too busy to steal anyone's anything and then they started to hang out with me and learn. I have taught art in almost every shop I have worked at. You’ve created over eight hundred nail art YouTube tutorials. What got you started using that media to promote yourself? Did you ever think you would take it as far as it did?I have actually created over 25,000 in my personal databases. I upload my copyrighted designs to Youtube as a way of helping girls who cannot afford expensive "nail art systems," DVDs, and books. In exchange, I ask them to say their art was "Inspired by Robin Moses" as a way to get my name out there so I can teach full time and reach my dreams while they reach theirs. I work tirelessly and use my viewers to help promote me. On the web it is very very hard to get any help from anyone. I believe I have only just begun and that I will need a few more years before I really am invested in what I want to achieve.What is your favorite nail trend?I like the mix-match trend right now because you can teach a lot in a small window of time. I can pull out 10 designs and then put them in the same colors and bam! 10 different designs up. It's a great win/win for viewer and artist. What is the best part of being in the beauty business?I have never felt I have been in the beauty business. I feel I am in Customer Service. I feel that my job is to make people feel beautiful and make them want to come back because they enjoy the experience and have a good time. I realized early on in my career that a good portion of women who I have known do not feel beautiful. I learned over time that the women who felt most beautiful were the ones who were educated, gave to society, and had full lives. I have seen the most beautiful women cry to me and tell me how ugly they are and women who you would usually pass right over end up to be the most beautiful women you ever met. It's fascinating. "Beauty" is a word that is very distorted in our culture.Who inspires you?Leonardo DaVinci, Rainier Maria Rilke, Goethe, Ramakrishna, Joseph Campbell, Marcel Duchamp, Walter Hopps, Carl Jung. Too many to name, really.Which celebrity’s nails would you love the chance to do? What would you put on his or her nails?That is another hard one. I have done celebrities nails before. They are just like us. I'd like to do the nails of a celebrity who is not afraid of anything or anyone and just sets my head on fire with tons of beautiful stories. Whoever would trust me enough to share a world that takes me out of this one and into theirs, where theirs is as wondrous as mine. I want that celebrity. If I got to meet such a celebrity, I believe I would keep them as a client forever!What is your favorite original nail art you’ve done?I don't have pictures of my favorite nails because until the late 90's, the cameras that could capture nail art were so expensive that no one really had pictures. I took very good notes of the designs I liked the most. I would say that I have really loved some of the Martin Luther King nails I have done in the past.Also, I have done some really beautiful Egyptian designs. But I think right now my favorite tutorial is probably my portrait for taliajoy18. I have always equated my life to "swimming," and told myself to "keep swimming" when I thought I was drowning. She was a very precious soul. I had known of her before, but when I heard of her passing, it just crushed me. I do not know why except that I know how hard it is to have a Youtube account and maintain it, and she really was a remarkable soul. She made me stronger. The day she passed, I got stronger, and that is all I can really say.Anything else you’d like to share?I would like to say thank you for the interview. I would like to say that nail art is hard to master and that through dedication and desire, you can do this. I would like to remind artists to always say who inspired you if you are sharing online. It is amazing how much everyone grows if everything is shared. I am sharing my collection of 25 years and I wish I could say what inspired some of them. I do when I can, but most know I am working from a database. I think once I feel a little more comfortable, I will start working with other artists, collaborating again and doing "inspired by" other Youtube tutorials. I found that doing that and working on my own tutorials was too hard with also having a full time job doing nails! It's a lot of work to put up even just one video. To do this all myself is a 16-hour a day job, but one I would never trade!I'd also like to add that I read just about every comment on my videos and try to answer as many as I can. At least once a day someone's story makes me cry, and to them I say thank you for making me humble and grateful to know such people are in my life and that I'm just getting started!xoxoxoxoMy love to you guys,Robin MosesSee her Youtube Channel: her Blog: robinmosesnailart.blogspot.comLike her on Facebook: /RobinMosesNailArtInstagram: @robinmosesnailartTwitter: @robinmosesnailsPinterest: /robinmosesTumblr:[Courtesy of Robin Moses]

Guest Blog: A Princess Story

You can’t go into any store these days that sells beauty products and not find an array of nail polishes, nail glitter and nail patch art to allow you to express yourself and get creative. However, if you just don’t have the skills or the patience to try and create the nail art, what do you do? The local nail shop or salon probably has someone who can do a basic manicure and maybe if you are lucky airbrush on some outdated stencil design or possibly paint a flower on your nail. But, if you are really lucky, you can find a Princess!In July 2010 I met Princess Gard (yes that is her birth name), a then 28 year old manicurist from Cleveland, OH. We were both attending a business workshop and I quickly realized I had met a true nail artist. When Princess showed the class the types of work she was doing we were all truly impressed by her creativity and skills. Having started doing nails at the age of 14, she quickly had people taking notice and was sought after by her peers to create one of a kind nail art for them. She continued to perfect her craft over the years and in 2003 was able to retire from her 911 dispatching job and as she likes to say “Step Out on Faith” and become a full time manicurist. For her it’s the best decision she could have ever made professionally. So what makes her an artist? How about free hand geometric designs, ombre, 3D holograms, foil art or adding studs and spikes. These are just a few of her many techniques, and I think when you see a picture of Princess’s designs or see them in person they just have a signature look to them. For her this is great because dozens of women are walking around as her advertisement every single day!I asked Princess what made her decide to do nail art and not just the basic manicure?“My passion for the arts in general made me want to always step out of the box when doing nails. A basic manicure for me is not challenging enough. Besides, I love showing clients that their nails can have endless artistic styles no matter what type of woman they are! What separates me from many is the mixing of many art forms and choosing the right color blends. I love choosing art that is appealing to the naked eye! My style is neat and clean, yet very detailed.”While the Cleveland area is lucky to have her, I strongly believe that Princess will be doing nails on the likes of Lady Gaga & Rihanna before you know it!Princess is also a wife & mother to a son. She & her husband currently own a Beauty, Barber and Nail Salon in a suburb of Shaker Heights, Ohio. Princess is an educator for Young Nails, teaching manicurists through fun and creativity! -Nicole DeMetTop Image: Princess Gard in action on the set of a photo shoot.Bottom Image: Model: Jessica Klaas (Agency Galatea)Photo: Leicester MitchellMakeup: Nicole DeMetHair: Erica PolacekNails: Princess GardStyling: Grecia Granados (B'Jewelself)Photo Edit: KristyArt[Images courtesy of Nicole DeMet]

Q&A with Founder of Australian Nail Brand Hello Darling

I am so excited to be sharing with you one of my favorite new nail brands, Hello Darling. This homegrown Australian business has made waves amongst nail aficionados with its unique nail concepts and high performing nail lacquers. Despite my love for the brand, there isn’t much I knew about it, so I sat down with Heather Snodgrass-Brine, Hello Darling’s Founder and Creative Director, to get all the juicy details. –Kimberly Nissen, The Plastic DiariesKimberly: Tell me about Hello Darling. Who are you, why did you create a nail brand and do you just sit around all day painting your nails? Heather: For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with color, and more specifically, nail polish. There’s something really magical to me about wearing color on your body  - in a temporary sense - that doesn’t wash off in the shower. By trade, I am a digital and editorial strategist, with a particular focus on brand and marketing within social media. In 2008, I moved back to Australia after seven years in the US - split between San Diego and New York - and the mani-pedi culture there is huge. Fairly shortly after I moved to Sydney, I met my business partner Kim McKay who runs Klick Communications. We bonded first over Twitter, then in person. We did some work together and we became fast friends. A lot of our meetings and catch-ups were over nail appointments, and we often lamented that there wasn't the same kind of spa experience here in Australia like you get in the States. It was a common theme of our conversations. We also noted that there wasn’t a true Australian challenger brand of nail polish - like Essie or BUTTER London - and that so many women here were willing to settle for what’s on the shelf of their local salon and not question the quality or ingredients of their polish choices.I researched relentlessly in my spare time to see if creating nail products was even a viable idea. The more I learned, the more I wanted to make this business work and to bring a product to market that was not only different, but really special. Hello Darling started with the goal to make the world beautiful one nail at a time, but we also believe that beauty doesn't have to come at a price to your health or other living beings. The opportunity arose out of my quest for knowledge about the product development process. For Kim and I to start our business based on our company ideals, we found a manufacturer who adhered to our strict guidelines and requirements. We invested equally out of our own pockets to commission our first collections and buy our first retail stock, which sold out two weeks after we put up our website. The response ever since has been overwhelmingly positive.Six months after we launched Hello Darling as a side project, I resigned from my full-time job as head of communications at a mobile startup. I have always had a strong, independent entrepreneurial spirit, and I knew if I wanted to go and do my own thing. I needed to be doing something I was deeply passionate, and borderline obsessive about. Hello Darling gave me the courage to plunge into full-time entrepreneurship, and we’ve been going full-steam ahead ever since. Do we sit around painting our nails all day? I wish I could say yes. On weeks where we are testing batches of new shades and products, there's a lot of lacquering going on, and I might change my nails every day. Other weeks where we are on the road or super-focused on sales, my nails are painted (perfectly) but I don't even have time to think about a repaint.Kimberly: What is unique about Hello Darling? What does Hello Darling do better than any other nail polish brand?Heather: All our nail lacquers are 5-free (meaning absolutely NO toluene, formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin, DBP or camphor) and are animal testing & cruelty free. We are also focused on innovation, bringing products like Rockcandy and ArtClass nail decals to market which have generated amazing press coverage and even greater consumer interest. The most common pieces of feedback we receive from our customers and salons is that Hello Darling lacquer is one of the longest wearing polishes, a dream to use, fast-drying and has the best selection of trend colors available anywhere. I think our point of difference has always been giving our customers the access to the creative side of our business - I still manage our social media channels, answer emails and leave notes for customers in their packages. Customer service and the ability to surprise and delight the lovely people who buy our products is of the utmost important to us.We are also now offering a service and retail concept allowing anyone to submit a brief or request for a color that they absolutely cannot live without. Whether it’s a bride whose mother doesn’t understand the difference between Blush and Bashful, a couture designer wanting to match the delicate embroidery in her latest collection with crystal-encrusted nail wraps, or a jeweler wanting to infuse precious gems into a lacquer, no request is out of the question. BESPOKE is already being tested and is proving to be a much in-demand local and international service. We plan to launch officially in July with a pop-up retail concept in Sydney, Melbourne and have the opportunity to host retail concepts in New York and London, also. So that's pretty exciting for us.Kimberly: Do you think being an Australian nail brand has any extra benefits or pitfalls over other brands produced internationally?Heather: I think being based in Australia has both benefits and drawbacks. On one hand, we have maximum visibility on chain of custody as far as our manufacturing process goes, and we know where everything that goes into our product comes from. If we needed to sort out a problem, we could go to the factory and find out precisely what's going on, why and hatch a plan to remedy it. Mind you, this is not something we've ever had to do. That access, though, also gives us the ability to turn around products in a really small window of time.Being in Australia means it's harder to access overseas markets as far as PR, press and blogs go. That said, we have a huge customer base in the US, Canada and Europe. I think if you're into nails, you seek out products worth trying, wherever in the world they are. The interest we've had from overseas customers, salons and distributors proves that. Kimberly: If you could do the nails of a celebrity, who would it be and what would you create?Heather: There are so many. Kelly Osbourne. Jessie J. Katy Perry. Miley Cyrus. Rihanna. The girls who love to have fun with their nails, don't take it too seriously and are really into trying new things. I'd design ArtClass decals inspired by their red carpet dresses and set them with real gemstones, on custom-mixed Hello Darling polish. Kimberly: What will be the hottest nail trend in 2013?Heather: Texture is going to continue being huge, as is nude and oxblood. I think we'll see things like half-moons and modernized French become a mainstay. But personally, I see super individualized nails - an anti-trend, if you will - being the biggest thing this year. Not necessarily in a crazy kawaii-style loaded-up-with-pearls-and-crystals way, but in a custom-mixed shade, specially-designed nail art sort of way. It's less about what everyone else is wearing and more about wearing something no one else in the world has. That's really interesting to me.Kimberly: What is your golden rule or advice for beautiful nails?Heather: Nail health starts from the inside - you can't expect to have great nails if you have a poor diet, don't get the adequate vitamins and minerals and don't drink enough water. No biting anything on your hands - not your nails, cuticles or the sides of your fingers. File them in one direction, and protect them from the sun with polish and top coat - or at least a UV-safe strengthener. And, in the very wise words of Essie Weingarten: nails are jewels, not tools.Kimberly: What would you say to someone who is thinking of starting their own nail polish brand or are reading this while they franken their own nail polish creations?Heather: Research it until you go cross-eyed. Know what goes into it, why, how and where it comes from because when you bring it to market, you're doing it with the most savvy, informed consumers who have ever existed. Knowing your product inside out will help answer questions not only from those customers, but the misinformed ones as well. And if you're mixing your own, do it in a well-ventilated area - and not on your parent's antique coffee table (I learned that one when I was twelve. I don't recommend it.)Kimberly: Thank you to Heather and Hello Darling for sharing such interesting and insightful information. If you are keen to get the Hello Darling experience visit (They ship globally). For more great Australian beauty visit Kimberly at The Plastic Diaries![Images courtesy of Kimberly Nissen, The Plastic Diaries]

Nail Tips: 5 Favorite Layering Glitters

Hi everyone! My name is Jen, I blog over at The PolishAholic. Today, I am bringing you a look at my 5 all-time favorite layering glitters. I love glitters like this because of their versatility. They are great for adding a bit of sparkle to any manicure or refreshing a manicure that is a few days old. Picking favorites was so difficult for me, I have a lot of polish and I love them all… It was like picking my favorite children!(Continue to page 2 for Jen's layering glitter picks!)My first pick is a polish that is fairly new to my collection but it’s moved right to the top of my favorites list. It’s Stay Behind, Catch A Wave by Elevation Polish. Elevation Polish is an indie brand that I recently came across and fell in love with. Indie brands have been taking the nail polish world by storm over the last year or so. Out of all the amazing polishes I’ve tried this is one of my absolute favorites.The glitter in Stay Behind, Catch A Wave is very unique in my collection and something I haven’t seen before from any of the major brands. There are different shades of blue, teal, gold and white circular glitter in a slightly blue tinted base in this polish. When you layer this polish over blue or aqua the glitter gives it a very underwater look that I adore.I’ve layered Stay Behind, Catch A Wave over Elevation Polish Pic de Sotllo for the photo.Next up is Stroke of Brilliance by Essie. This polish came out as a late addition to Essie’s Luxeffect Collection last year. I really thought Essie did something special with that entire collection but Stroke of Brilliance is the one that really stands out for me because I don’t have anything quite like it. The glitter in Stroke of Brilliance is a really beautiful dusty blue color. I love this one because of its versatility, you can layer it over pretty much anything and it will look good!I’ve layered Stroke of Brilliance over Monarch by Jessica for the photo. My next pick is Chunky Holo Purple from Kleancolor. This polish is an amazing multi-chromatic glitter! When layered over a dark base the color shifts between red, orange, green and gold depending on how you move your hand. Over light bases you can sometimes see flashes of blue and purple, it’s truly a chameleon! Not only is this polish beautiful, but it’s really inexpensive; Kleancolor can usually be found retailing in the neighborhood of $1! The only downside about this polish is the scent is a bit offensive but for amazing glitter that costs $1 I’m okay with that!I’ve layered Chunky Holo Purple over Zoya Pinta for the photo. My next favorite is Pirouette My Whistle by OPI. What makes this polish special is how delicate it looks. The glitter in this polish is made up of semi-sheer white hex glitter and very fine silver glitter. When I want to add a little sparkle to a manicure but not go over the top this is what I grab. I feel like if you’ve ever wanted an office appropriate glitter something like this is what would fit into that kind of category!I’ve layered Pirouette My Whistle over Zoya Blu for the photo. Last, but definitely not least, is Watch It Glitter from Orly. Orly put out a bunch of glitter polishes last year in a collection called Flash Glam FX and in my opinion this is one of the best from it. What makes this one of my favorites is the color, it is copper! For some reason I have a real affinity for copper. I could write a whole post about my quest to find the perfect copper polish, but we’d be here all day. In terms of copper glitter, this is perfection! Whenever I’m wearing a blue manicure that I feel the need to layer over, this is one of the first polishes that I take out.I’ve layered Watch It Glitter over Nails Inc. Baker Street for the photo. -Jen Karr, The PolishAholic[Images courtesy of Jen Karr, The PolishAholic]  

Nail Art How To: Tribal Nails

Jenny Pasha from 10 Blank Canvases shares how to create a tribal nail design:This tutorial shows you how to create a bold, geometric tribal design with two colours.Tools: White nail polish, thin striper paintbrush, two acrylic paint colours of your choice, black and white acrylic paint, top coat (gloss or matte). You can use nail polish instead of acrylic paint, but I find paint much easier to work with and any mistakes can be removed with a bit of water.1. Start with a white base for your nails. I like to use OPI Alpine Snow. Allow these nails to completely dry before moving on to the next steps. You can speed up the drying process by using a fast drying spray such as the Ultimate Fix by Beauty Narcotix.2. Paint wide horizontal and vertical stripes on your nails using any two paint colours. Preferably use lighter colours to show up the darker lines painted in step 4.3. Outline the thick stripes with a thin line of black acrylic paint.4. This is the tricky bit! You now fill in between the lines using combinations of zigzags, stripes and other shapes. You can repeat the same patterns on another nail in a different order to vary the look. 5. Finish with a layer of matte topcoat. I recommend Rimmel Matte Finish. —Jenny Pasha, 10 Blank Canvases[Images courtesy of Jenny Pasha/10 Blank Canvases]

Valentine's Day Nail Tutorial: Colorful Hearts

Blogger Alice Sanderson from One Nail To Rule Them All shares how to create colorful heart nails for a sweet and romantic Valentine's Day:You will need: - Base coat and top coat- Base colour, I chose red- Acrylic paint in a variety of colours or nail varnish in a variety of colours- A small nail art brush or a toothpickFirstly, paint your nails in your chosen base colour, I chose red but you could easily adapt it, I’ve done this in blue before and it was just as effective.Secondly, using white acrylic paint or nail varnish, paint on hearts with a small detailed nail brush where you wish them to go on your nails, this should help with the opacity of the colours. I choose to paint hearts by starting at the top with a ‘v’ shape and working my way round, but it’s down to personal preference. Next, using colours of your choice, fill in over the white, being careful not to go over the lines. For the details I used a cut down nail art brush, but it’s also possible to use a toothpick. You can choose designs of your choice and make them more detailed if you wish. Finally, finish off with a topcoat to seal in your design. If you used acrylic paint this is a necessity as otherwise it will wash off. I chose to do these nails with a matte topcoat out of personal preference but it’s up to you whether you want to do this. -Alice Sanderson, One Nail To Rule Them All    [Images courtesy of Alice Sanderson, One Nail To Rule Them All]


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